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Pathfinder in Janadaria

Janadaria is a world comprised of 4 land masses. One large continent contains the nations of Eblon, Freij Thana, and Xperius. Around the main land mass are three archipelagos; Shaor Glye, Viraria, and Narbeil.

The world of Janadaria

The largest continent is home to 3 states.


The smallest is the city-state of Xperius. Home of the infamous catacombs.


The second largest is the nation of Eblon. Ruled over by The Prince, and his mad quest for artifacts of legend.

Freij Thana

The largest, and most secretive, is Freij Thana. Hidden behind a massive wall and an incredible chain of sea-forts, this nation is the subject of endless speculation by outsiders.

Around the continent, are three archipelagos.

Shaor Glye

The first of the three archipelagos is actually a long irregular island off the north east coast of Freij Thana. It contains a small nation comprised of 7 tribes which constantly battle for power. This nation is called Shaor Glye. The tribes are Napluysil, Vustreacor, Xacrait, Muswana, Theiburg, Sniyjan, and Etraria. Each holds just a small piece of the land, and the battles are largely ceremonial. However, the death is very real. They are a people who regard warriors VERY highly. Much like the norse, they see dying in battle as the highest honour.


One is to the south of Freij Thana. It is called Viraria. These people live their lives on the sea.


The other spreads from the west of Eblon to the north west. The denizens of this archipelago are a very cooperative group.