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Pathfinder in Janadaria

Hello and welcome back to Bismuth Telluride Powered Presents Pathfinder in Janadaria!
I am joined by Eli English, Maciel Smith, and Morrigan Robbins.
First, a quick recap of our story so far.
Arkus, played by Eli, and Kerowyn, played by Maciel started out in the city-state of Xperius. One day, the old friends decided to consult the local job board. They then took it upon themselves to make contact with the closed off nation of Freij Thana. They joined a trading caravan heading along the border as its guards. Along the way, they met a mysterious woman called Valerie Loss, played by Morrigan.
Together, they travelled from town to town along the border, seeming to make no progress getting past the wall. However, after a couple of towns, they got a break. They were told of a man who could get them some information about secretive nation. A couple of towns farther down the line, they met the man himself.
He took them under the wall, and into Freij Thana. There, they learned some of Freij Thana’s past. A nation once ruled by the worshippers of Bahamut, it was violently taken over by followers of The Raven Queen.
Now, over 200 years after the change of leadership, the dragon servants of The Platinum Dragon have lashed out, laying waste to the lands surrounding their mountain homes, and the true believers worship in secret for fear of violent attacks by those who support the new leadership.
Our heroes have been recruited to help return Freij Thana to what it once was.